Clear legal writing service

Clear legal writing service

Stand out from the crowd!

“Why is this service relevant to me?  I write clearly!”

Legal writing is usually written for lawyers to understand. That saves lawyers time. But what about the clients?

Not all clients want their legal contracts to be clear. But what about those who do, and who want to understand written advice, without having to pick up the telephone?

Clear Legal Writing Limited can help you to remove unnecessary layers of complexity from your legal documents (contracts, letters, pleadings, website pages, articles etc.).

And why not use clear legal writing to enhance your image? You may have invested in an efficient team, IT, a logo, smart offices, but have you thought about modernising the way you write, without losing any legal content?

Our Clear Legal Writing service comprises:

  • Training : Law Society accredited courses with CPD. We teach clear legal writing techniques based on readability studies.
  • Writing :  We can write articles, brochures and website pages for you.
  • Rewriting : We can make complex legal easier for clients to digest. This is not just about avoiding legalese. It includes work such as altering the document’s appearance. Here is an example: rewrite of a cancellation clause.

We can add our clear writing stamp to text that we have approved:

Clear writing stamp

We do not provide legal advice.

Visit logo-stylewriter for software to help you to write clearly.

Please contact us for more information.

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